Connect Center
​​​​​​​for WIND

Simplify the way prospects and customers reach your business

Clients who trust us!

Our focus is on meeting customer objectives and exceeding their expectations. We develop long-term relationships with our clients, representing small businesses from a wide range of sectors to some of the world’s leading organizations.

Flexible and added value customer service

Provide your audience with a unified touchpoint that enables them to connect with you using the communication channel they prefer best. Incorporate WayMore’s Connect Center solution across your business, build your brand loyalty, and make meaningful personalized connections with each customer. Give your audience the option to effortlessly select how they prefer to contact your company. Allow them to directly call you, to call them back, to use a contact form to contact you, or even to arrange for a video conference with one of your business experts.

Robust communication solution tailored to your needs

Optimized Customer Experience

Improved Marketing Performance

Connect Center Features

Keep control of your customer communications and create meaningful connections

Call logs

Call history and data are recorded and can be extracted to give your business the reports it needs to further enhance its services.

Activation scheduling

You can schedule the time and the day that your users can access the service. With WayMore’s Connect Center your business is in complete control.


WayMore’s services are entirely universal. No matter your business’s service provider, or the networks your customers use. Connect Center just works.

IP filtering

You choose any IPs that you believe should be blocked. You also have the option to restrict access to Connect Center at certain times of the day.


Connect Center doesn’t stop at your apps or website. We can fully customize your service to include print media using QR codes.

Global coverage

Don’t worry about the service provider of your existing or potential customers. Our extended global coverage includes every mobile and landline operator.

​​​​​​​Connect Center

Connect Center enables your business to provide way more than just immediate, valuable, and consistent communication service for its customers. Easily power up your communication tactics and create communication bridges that convert and benefit your overall business performance.

Optimize Lead Qualification

Users that fit the criteria set by your business are guided through a well-structured lead funnel.

Enjoy omnichannel flexibility

Connect your customers and leads to your business representatives on their preferred communication channels, not just by phone.

In-depth ​​​​​​​Insights

Real-time, extensive reporting which enables you to better know your customers, and utilize the data to create meaningful campaigns.

Grow Your Business

Boost your business growth by offering an optimized customer experience and by efficiently converting new leads.

Enhance Scalability

Drive scalable business growth. Easily adapt to changing leads' volume and expand your revenue targets.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Increase your customer satisfaction and customer experience by providing efficient personalized customer support.

You can do so much more with WayMore’s Connect Center.

Indicative Use Cases

The ultimate power tool for optimizing all your business communication.

Covid-free in-store appointments

WayMore's Connect Center grants you the advantage of providing your customers with security and peace of mind, avoiding time-consuming and long queuing times. You can offer customers the option to schedule store visits in advance, online, 24/7, on any device, and from any location.

​​​​​​​Here's how you can effortlessly deliver VIP treatment to all of your customers using WayMore's customized intelligent Form with integrated calendar functionality:

1. Customers visit your official website.

2. They fill in their contact details in the online form to request an in-store appointment.

3. Instantly, the WIND store closest to the customer's designated address receives the online request, automatically finds an available date-time slot on the calendar, and directly returns a reply to the customer with an appointment suggestion.

4. The customer confirms the appointment with one-click.

​​​​​​​With WayMore's Connect Center, you can provide customers with an optimized customer experience, preserve the recommended instore capacity, and ensure social distancing. At the same time, you can also better manage your staffing rotas around pre-booked shopping experiences. It's a win-win for everyone!

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Presales and sales using video call

Easily and securely arrange video calls for presales purposes or even secure sales contracts with prospective customers who have expressed interest in a WIND product or service. All video calls are automatically recorded and saved either on WIND’s on-premises data servers or secure cloud data servers, are directly imported on your CRM software, and a URL can also be sent to the customer for reference.

​​​​​​​ Here’s how you can easily boost your sales and efficiently service more prospects and customers using WayMore’s Connect Center with integrated video call functionality:
1. The prospective customers can visit your official WIND website.

2. They select the Video Call option from the Connect Center integrated functionality, fill in their contact details, designate the product or service they are interested in, and book a video call.
3. The customer request is automatically allocated to a WIND customer representative who contacts the prospective customer via the video call module.

4. During the call, the agent can also easily confirm the prospective customer's details provided in the contact request form, request any other additional identification details, and proceed with a secure and automated verification procedure to secure a sale. The entire process takes place online, keeping all stakeholders safe!

With WayMore's Connect Center, you can provide customers with an elevated customer experience that will boost WIND’s online brand presence.

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Age-agnostic elevated customer support experience

WayMore’s Connect Center is the ideal alternative solution to IVR (Interactive Voice Response) in preventing customer frustration, boosting customer satisfaction, and significantly reducing your call center costs.

Here’s how you can provide an enjoyable and seamless experience to your customers regardless of their age and familiarity with technology using WayMore’s Connect Center with integrated video call and voice functionality:

1. Customers visit your official WIND website.

2. They click on Connect Center’s Customer Support option that integrates with an online smart form, fill in their contact information and any other data requested by WIND, and select from a drop-down menu the issue they wish to contact WIND for.
​​​​​​​3. WayMore’s Connect Center automatically routes them via voice to the proper WIND customer support representative. As opposed to a conventional IVR system, which has a high rate of wrong answers provided, and often misroutes customers to the wrong company departments, WayMore’s Connect Center ensures the accuracy of the information provided.

It is a win-win situation, as customers enjoy a seamless experience, and WIND ensures the efficient handling of the received customer support inquiries.

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