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Use the WayMore eCommerce marketing automation platform to provide shoppers with timely messages to notify them about changes in order status, payment confirmation, and abandoned cart reminders. Use welcome email automation to make lasting first impressions and send them back-in-stock notification to get them back to your store.

The booming eCommerce industry presents a few challenges for retailers now that consumers have more options to choose from:

Cart Abandonment

On average, 69.57% of online shopping carts go abandoned, making it one of the biggest challenges for eCommerce retailers to tackle. This could be due to a variety of reasons – from unexpected extra costs and complicated checkout processes to lack of trust in the website.

Order Fulfillment

Getting people to place orders on your website is only half the job. You also have to fulfill those orders and make sure that your customers get the products they paid for. Ecommerce retailers may face challenges fulfilling thousands of orders day in and day out.

Inventory Management

It’s challenging to get quick updates about your inventory status such as when a particular item is out of stock, when there are limited sizes available, and more. What’s even more challenging is providing online shoppers with real-time updates that align with your actual inventory.

Omnichannel Retail

With consumers using multiple devices and platforms to shop, eCommerce retailers now face the challenge of seamless omnichannel retail. They have to make sure that their customers can easily purchase their products through an array of channels.

Customer Retention

One of the biggest fears plaguing eCommerce retailers is losing their customers to the competition, especially since 55% of consumers will switch brands if they’ve had multiple bad experiences. This brings on the need to deliver memorable experiences that keep your customers coming back for more.

Increasing Revenue

Of course, there’s also the challenge of growing your revenue. eCommerce retailers have to constantly look for opportunities to increase their sales, attract more customers, and eventually see exponential growth.

What WayMore can do for you

Here’s what you can get from using the eCommerce automation software from WayMore:

WayMore provides you with accurate purchase behavior tracking, allowing you to get a better understanding of who your customers are. Use these insights to create advanced customer profiles and deliver personalized campaigns tailored to each customer.

Advanced Customer

Cart Abandonment

WayMore lets you send out automated emails to remind customers about items they’ve forgotten in their shopping cart. This significantly lowers your cart abandonment rates while increasing sales.

By reaching out to your customers at the right time and sending offers that align with their interests and purchase history, you can convert them more easily and increase your sales.


& Cross-Selling

With accurate purchase behavior tracking and advanced customer profiling, WayMore allows you to effectively up-sell and cross-sell products that are most relevant to each customer.

Save time Save money

...focus where it matters

With the ability to automate a majority of your customer communications, WayMore enables you to save time and resources. It allows you to do more with a smaller workforce, thus helping you cut costs.

A set of Powerful pre-build Marketing workflows

Tested recipes for your e-commerce businesses

Recapture Lost Sales

By sending out automated cart abandonment emails and payment failure notifications, WayMore simplifies the process of recapturing sales that you’d have otherwise lost. Not to mention the automated re-engagement emails sent to customers who haven’t shopped in a while.

Increase Repeat Sales

Satisfied customers are more likely to come back and buy again. In addition, regular newsletter marketing and back-in-stock notification messages will give them a reason to make repeat purchases.

Increase Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction

WayMore lets you automate your customer communications – from purchase follow-up to newsletter marketing. And as you proactively provide your customers with the information they need, you enhance their experience and satisfaction. This further contributes to increased customer loyalty.

This is how WayMore Fixes Your eCommerce Snags

10 eCommerce Marketing Automation Solutions from WayMore

Tailor-Made Solution for Your Ecommerce Business

At WayMore, we understand that the needs of different businesses may vary by industry, size, growth stage, and much more. So the above automations may not necessarily meet the unique needs of your company. If these 10 automations don’t work for you, WayMore also offers tailored ecommerce marketing automation solution to fit your precise needs. We bring you custom ecommerce marketing automation solutions personalized for each business and tailored to tackle their unique challenges.

What’s WayMore?

WayMore is an eCommerce marketing automation platform that enables you to seamlessly communicate with your customers, promote your products, and enhance their experience. It fuels your eCommerce marketing efforts using tools like:

  • Advanced tracking and analytics

    To accurately visualize your clients needs and traits.

  • Two-factor authentication with fallback options

    To help you meet the highest security standards

  • GDPR-compliant form integrations

    To design user satisfaction surveys or simplify procedures

  • Automated eCommerce email marketing workflows

    "Success" recipes to nurture your client base and help you grow

  • Virtual numbers

    To make your more accesible than ever

  • Custom eCommerce marketing automation solutions

    To provide maximum flexibility and make sure it suits exactly into your business needs



It also empowers you to adopt seamless omnichannel retail through the following channels:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Messaging apps
  • Chatbots
  • Voice
  • Push notifications

WayMore Platform Integrations

The advanced eCommerce automation API allows easy integration with multiple platforms including:


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