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Hire talents & efficiently manage SOPs

Recruiting, planning and managing workforce processes take up valuable time from an HR department
Talent acquisition is an ongoing strategic procedure with its own comprehensive life cycle process: preparing, sourcing, screening, selecting, hiring, onboarding, and evaluating human resources.

An integrated HR automation tool is now an imperative for every HR department to optimize their talent acquisition procedures and efficiently automate the entire recruiting life cycle. Besides, leveraging HR standard operating policies and procedures, such as requests for a day off or vacations, requests for promotion, and many more, can all be automated and successfully processed.

Create a first-class talent pool

Do not just fill vacancies, hire talents. Finding and attracting suitable candidates with the proper skill sets is the biggest challenge companies always face.

Establish a winning employer brand position

Strong employer brands have four critical factors in common; robust culture, powerful market presence, leading-edge business tools, and the best talents working for them. A contemporary HR automation tool is a great way to provide your company with major KPIs that will enable your business to reinforce its employer brand position.

Set an efficient recruitment process

Coordination of the HR team communication needs to run fast, efficiently, and smoothly. All HR team members must be aware of what is happening with each candidate on every step of the process to effectively schedule the next HR administrative tasks for every applicant.

Provide notable candidate experience

Offering applicants a top-notch seamless hiring experience engages them with your brand and increases the chances to accept your job offer.

Save time from HR SOPs

HR standard operating procedures (SOPs) consist of routine processes that when administered manually take lots of valuable time from the HR team. SOPs like alternative work schedules, employee complaint resolution, overtime compensation, need to be updated frequently, and automating them will save the HR department valuable time.

Select the right people

Fostering meritocracy in the recruitment process to hire the most competent of the applicants by eliminating bias, as well as selecting the proper tools to understand candidates better and accurately assess their soft skills and weaknesses is also a major concern for HR departments.

Embrace the future of HR automation

Real-life examples of how HR automation works in action

Interview Process Standardization

Ensuring that all applicants get to answer the same set of questions and complete the same assessments enables your HR executives to evaluate candidates faster and more effectively. Hence, your company becomes more productive and meritocratic in comparing applicants.

Fittest candidate selection

The HR team uses the human resource automation tool to create job adverts, design varied assessment tests, schedule candidate interviews, design verification processes for references, create and keep scorecards for all applicants in a unified and efficiently automated process.

Applicants’ notifications automation

The HR team’s decision-making process is reflected in the automation tool and candidates’ statuses are informed accordingly. Instead of spending time to manually notify applicants each time they progress to the next step of the recruiting process or when they are rejected, automated updates (emails or SMS) are sent to inform them about their application’s status.

Onboarding process speed up

Following the hiring of a candidate comes the collection of the necessary documents, part of the onboarding process. Save time and energy by initiating an automated notification process (email or SMS) directly to the HR person in charge of hiring, as well as to the new hire to gather the required paperwork.

Inactive prospects awakening

Based on the assessment scorecards, some applicants are most suitable for a specific job vacancy, however, they have not responded within a relevantly short time to the HR’s messages. Labeling those candidates’ status to “inactive” -or any other label the HR prefers- can trigger a reminder notification as an effort to re-activate and receive a positive response from them.

Data protection compliance

Companies are required to conform to privacy policies, ensure the protection of personal data, while also protecting the HR personnel who manage this sensitive information. These standards are fully adapted in HR automation, as the tool is developed in accordance with the correct practices established by international organizations.

Boost B2E

HR automation can enhance the Business to Employee (B2E) channel beyond talent acquisition, to employee retention and development by providing automated training sessions and evaluation of performance assessments per time-period or job description.

Do more with WayMore HR Automation. The ultimate destination for human resource recruitment and management.

An all-in-one solution for your workforce recruitment and HR management needs.

  • Improve productivity
  • Grow your business
  • Attract qualified candidates
  • Make intelligent decisions
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Data protection compliance

Improve productivity

Easy and flexible creation of dynamic recruitment questionnaires, assessment forms, and efficient automation of all the HR standard operating procedures (SOPs), such as staffing policies, benefits and compensation, training, annual reviews, employee wellness programs, and many more.

Grow your business

Enhance your company’s organizational growth by acquiring a highly qualified workforce at the optimal operating cost. Acquiring talent and not just hiring people to fill vacancies, boosts employee empowerment. As HR automation optimizes the talent acquisition process, the right person fits in the right job role, leading to minimizing and even eliminating workforce micromanagement, improved customer service, and last but not least, higher customer satisfaction.

Attract qualified candidates

The interactive application process prevents applicants from manually submitting irrelevant CVs and cover letters. Only the candidates that fit the job vacancy profile will invest time to submit a job application for a specific job role.

Make intelligent decisions

The implementation of an HR knowledge-based automation system intelligently supports HR executives in the recruiting process. The creation of detailed and insightful candidate profiles with information recorded in dynamic response fields strengthens the HR department’s decision-making process on all operational and managerial levels

Increase employee engagement

By effectively placing the rightly qualified people to the appropriate job roles, your workforce is motivated and committed. On the other hand, your business organization improves its employee productivity and retention rates. A win-win scenario for all company stakeholders!

Data protection compliance

Proper processing of personal and corporate data for both the business entity and the candidates, in compliance with international and European data protection laws in a secure and dynamic database.

Based on Routee, a true omni-channeled communications solution

WayMore is an intelligent omnichannel communications platform powered by Routee that enables a business to gather insightful customer data for developing business growth tactics, to deliver personalized marketing messages. WayMore carries a powerful functionality such as:

Forms and landing pages

Two-factor authentication

Trackers and short URLs

Virtual numbers

Automated workflows

It also lets you maintain seamless communication with your customers through the following channels:


Communicate your message and company mission all over the world using the advanced SMS services Routee provides. Craft interactive and engaging campaigns easily and efficiently through an advanced marketing platform.


Email messages inform your clients discreetly and efficiently about things you want them to know. Discover which Email service suits you, customize it and make it happen with Routee.


Break through to a global audience with Viber business messaging.Viber makes it easy for people to search and find the brands that they want to interact with.

Push notifications

Using Push Notification to engage with your customers is a powerful marketing tool to boost your ROI. Easily and instantly view comprehensive reports that provide insight on the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Messaging apps

Messaging Apps to engage with your customers is a powerful marketing tool to boost your customer loyalty. Easily and instantly connect with your customers on their preferred messaging app.

Voice messaging

Speak your message, loud & clear with Voice services, designed to complement your communication and support transactions across your business. Captivate their interest with voice messages in 16 languages.


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