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Efficiency & personalization become critical

Supermarket industry faces evolving challenges as technology advances, and peoples' lifestyle habits change

Supermarkets have their business models radically re-shaped by innovations instore and online. Competition has become broad and boundless, offering a plethora of products, services, and delivery options. Consumers are way more accustomed to online shopping than ever before, so providing an optimized customer experience is now the goal for any retail business.

An integrated marketing automation tool is imperative for every supermarket, whether it is a chain or a stand-alone store, to improve their communication with customers and efficiently automate their marketing tactics.

Consumer lifestyle changes

As it appears, recent global health concerns have significantly altered the lifestyle of a large population. People cook more meals at home, and this creates a shifting of demand for product categories available in the supermarkets.

Shift to digital channels

Recent studies show that digital shopping is shifting the grocery ecosystem, as 43% of shoppers have subscribed to home delivery of grocery products, and 47% have done so for beauty and personal care products. Grocery shoppers have come to rely on digital channels.

Customers are more tech-savvy

Grocery shoppers are now more informed consumers, demanding more from their interaction with a supermarket, than just in-store discounts. They want to be inspired by brands and have an optimized omnichannel experience. Many of them will have already assembled their shopping lists using online apps before arriving at a store.

Food supply chain disruptions

Extraordinary events -the most recent one being the coronavirus pandemic- create unexpected product shortages in certain FMCG items, affecting also products with short expiration dates that become less popular during these periods.

Sustainable use of products

45% of the food wasted worldwide accounts for fruit and vegetables and 20% for meat. Studies show that preventing food waste could save businesses about €341 million a year. On the other hand, consumers shift to more accountable businesses that show intelligent handling of food.

Consumers expect added-value

Quality over quantity. Grocery shoppers look for food safety, added-value services, and expect knowledgeable help from the businesses they interact with. As they become more educated, consumers prefer to transact with supermarkets that provide them with expert and relevant suggestions and information.

Leveraging marketing automation in the retail industry enables supermarket chains to evolve, remain viable and profitable

Real-life examples of how marketing automation works in action

Send automated personalized messages via Viber

Each time customers purchase products above a predefined amount, you can trigger an automation that includes a promotional message (i.e., a discount coupon for their next purchases from your supermarket) that will be delivered to them after a specific period (i.e., 3 hours after their purchase) via Viber. In case recipients do not receive the message within a preset timeframe, a fallback option is automatically enabled to send this message via SMS.

Viber Voice

Interact with your customers loud and clear through Viber Voice and send them automated personalized voice messages through Viber. Inform your customers about new offers, their online purchases, time and date of delivery, provide them with first-level assistance for routine support issues. Efficiently complement your business-to-customer communications and captivate your customers' interest with voice messages in 16 languages.

Missed Calls

Set an automated missed call and call back service that allows your customers to receive updates and get prompt feedback to their inquiries. Your company automatically places a callback to the customers. The customer uses the last 4 digits of the callback number as part of a two-factor authentication process in receiving information about their inquiries. Provide improved and personalized customer experience.

Strengthen your loyalty scheme via SMS, Email, or Viber

If your supermarket business implements a loyalty scheme that provides customers with a loyalty card, with which they collect points to gain certain benefits or discounts, you can trigger an automation when the loyalty cardholders reach the predefined benchmark for cashing out their points. The trigger will automatically dispatch an informative message via SMS, Viber, or email, letting the customers know that they can redeem their loyalty points at their next purchase.

Reactivate Lapsed Customers

For the inactive customers, who have not purchased anything from your supermarket for a specific period, set intelligent marketing automation that triggers the dispatch of a message via email, SMS, or Viber with fallback SMS. You can easily configure the message to be delivered to their preferred communication channel. Based on the customers' previous purchases, customer journey, and other behavioral or demographic traits, you can personalize the message with a relevant to their preferences offer to motivate them in visiting your supermarket.

Upsell and cross-sell products

Set up an automation that will appeal to customers who visit your physical supermarket store. As soon as customers check-in, an automation is triggered that sends them a direct and real-time message via SMS or push notification, with suggestions and offers available in the specific store. Offers and suggestions can be easily personalized based on each customer's profile, their registered shopping preferences per product category, and the existing product availability in the supermarket.

Do more with WayMore Marketing Automation for Alfa Beta Vassilopoulos

A powerful omnichannel marketing automation platform to boost sales, empower customers, build trust, and much more.

Based on Routee, a true omni-channeled communications solution

WayMore is an intelligent omnichannel communications platform powered by Routee that enables a business to gather insightful customer data for developing business growth tactics, to deliver personalized marketing messages. WayMore carries a powerful functionality such as:

Forms and landing pages

Two-factor authentication

Trackers and short URLs

Virtual numbers

Automated workflows

It also lets you maintain seamless communication with your customers through the following channels:


Communicate your message and company mission all over the world using the advanced SMS services Routee provides. Craft interactive and engaging campaigns easily and efficiently through an advanced marketing platform.


Email messages inform your clients discreetly and efficiently about things you want them to know. Discover which Email service suits you, customize it and make it happen with Routee.


Break through to a global audience with Viber business messaging.Viber makes it easy for people to search and find the brands that they want to interact with.

Push notifications

Using Push Notification to engage with your customers is a powerful marketing tool to boost your ROI. Easily and instantly view comprehensive reports that provide insight on the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Messaging apps

Messaging Apps to engage with your customers is a powerful marketing tool to boost your customer loyalty. Easily and instantly connect with your customers on their preferred messaging app.

Voice messaging

Speak your message, loud & clear with Voice services, designed to complement your communication and support transactions across your business. Captivate their interest with voice messages in 16 languages.

In unity there is strength

Routee, WayMore, and AMD Telecom work together, sharing a common vision to build valuable communications for businesses and their audiences.
AMD Telecom is a global market leader in the telecommunication industry, offering a plethora of innovative services, ranging from open connectivity solutions, SMS Monetization, clearance and settlement, to roaming services. AMD Telecom's customers are located worldwide and comprise some of the most renowned Fortune 500 companies, MNOs, Social Networking Platforms, Global Email Providers, and Global Resellers.
Routee is a cutting-edge user-friendly CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) that provides Web & Cloud API services designed to automate marketing procedures, improve conversions, and decrease digital marketing costs. Routee adopts ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial intelligence) disciplines and integrates with all major eCommerce, websites, or CRM suites.
WayMore is a powerful marketing and business operations automation platform that empowers a company to become more productive and thrive. WayMore's visual step-by-step guides enable a company to effectively automate most of its online business and marketing processes, send customized notifications to niche target audiences, monitor marketing campaigns, and much more.

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