WayMore Bot Platform and Unified Chat Board

The leading on-premise conversational platform that deploys both machine learning (ML), hybrid, and rule-based methodologies extended by NLU functions, to elevate customer experience, embrace scalability, and empower your business.

WayMore Bot Platform Benefits

Introducing your business to a world-class conversational platform with invaluable advantages.

Elevate Customer Experience

Achieve a personalized experience, available to your customers 24/7, 365 days a year

Increase Customer Engagement

Analyze inquiries, deliver one-on-one and real-time responses to customers

Optimize Lead Generation

Inbound marketing at its best, including qualification and nurturing of leads


Save up big time on marketing and customer service costs

Global Market Approach

Pre-configured language models, allowing your business to go global

Empowered Brand Identity

Keep up with current technological trends and build a robust business profile

WayMore’s Bot Platform Features

State-of-the-art innovation. WayMore’s Bot Platform embraces autonomous reasoning in communication with ingenious features that boost your business performance.

Proactive AI

Intelligent identification of user intent combined with personalized interaction with your audience for the ultimate customer experience.

Advanced Flow Builder

Smart visual elements combined with machine learning techniques enable natural language understanding and easily map self-improving routes.

Seamless Integration

Agile chatbot architecture that integrates with any business software and application via simple and powerful APIs, enabling smooth interaction with critical workflows.

Unified Chat Board

An intuitive workspace with live agent functionality that brings together all of your chatbot deployments from any communication channel.

Unified Chat Board Features

Power-up your agents’ performance and optimize your end-user relationships. WayMore’s Unified Chat Board contains a sophisticated workspace that brings together all your audience interactions across multiple messaging channels in one place and adds true value to your customer communication.

Smart Chat Tools

Advanced chat tools (i.e., canned responses for reuse, chat tags, visual elements) that boost your business' communication with your users.

Knowledge Base

Easy streamlining of the chatbot's interactions to efficiently handle Q&A scenarios, conduct guided conversations, and perform actions.

AI-Powered Ticketing

Intelligent automation of repetitive tasks, custom ticket statuses, and collaborative ticketing for optimum audience support experiences.


An intuitive workspace with live agent functionality that unifies all of your chatbot deployments from any communication channel.

Create the best AI-driven experiences with the latest chatbot algorithms

WayMore Bot Platform builds on ease and flexibility of use so that developers and other professionals can easily create the best AI-driven experiences using the latest algorithms.

  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • HR

Customer Service

Employ WayMore Bot to upgrade your customer service department’s operations and provide customers with:

  • 24/7/365 customer support, as WayMore Bot is always online and available to support and efficiently provide solutions to routine support queries
  • the option to instantly track orders and confirmations in real-time by simple Q&A interaction with WayMore Bot
  • the option to instantly book tickets for events by easily communicating with WayMore Bot
  • automated product recommendations that relate to the customers’ registered preferences, characteristics, and purchase behavior
  • optimized customer experience, as you can easily configure WayMore Bot to interact with customers using your brand’s tone of voice

At the same time, your customer service department benefits from WayMore Bot as it can:

  • use a unified chat board to handle all the customer support queries regardless of the communication channel they take place and to fall over to a live representative in case of more complex customer support queries
  • collect real-time customer feedback by easily configuring WayMore Bot to request customers to fill in simple feedback surveys on the spot
  • automatically assign customers to specific support team members, based on the customer registered preferences, characteristics, and purchase behavior


Use WayMore Bot to optimize your marketing department’s performance by easily implementing any of the following tactics and procedures:

  • generate high-quality leads leveraging the instant personalization that WayMore Bot can provide.
  • build segmented contact lists by prompting WayMore Bot to ask online visitors and customers to submit their email with some additional information regarding their preferences.
  • promote products by easily configuring WayMore Bot to initiate conversations with customers and converse using your brand’s tone of voice
  • improve funnel marketing by configuring WayMore Bot to use data stored from consumer purchases and behavior to prompt users to move to the next part of the sales funnel
  • introduce new products in an automated, personalized, and segmented way to multiple customers at once
  • effectively upsell and cross-sell products by configuring WayMore Bot to make multiple personalized suggestions to customers who have already purchased from your online store
  • boost customer engagement and loyalty by configuring WayMore Bot to deliver promos, contests, and quizzes to your target groups
  • put in action automated drip campaigns by using WayMore Bot as a conveyor in the entire process end-to-end



Employ WayMore Bot to increase your sales department’s performance by effortlessly implementing procedures, such as:

  • product onboarding by configuring the WayMore Bot to handle all new customers, request documents, proceed with 2FA verification, and welcome customers aboard your online store
  • personal shopping assistant by leveraging the customer purchase history, preferences, and any other registered customer trait to suggest products and product combinations
  • serve as an automated sales agent by configuring WayMore Bot to initiate conversations with visitors on your online store
  • create and deliver sales quotations to customers using a collection of data provided by the customer during an automated conversation
  • automatically bridge the connection between the sales and support departments when customers require further technical assistance with a product


Use WayMore Bot to facilitate your human resource department’s procedures by easily implementing any of the following:

  • assist employees with finding HR documents and any other related information about your company’s internal processes
  • send notifications and reminders to your company’s employees to follow up with certain tasks or to complete certain HR-related procedures (e.g., send their weekly working schedule, or submit their remote working request)
  • assist the HR department in handling multiple employee queries, instantly reply to common inquiries, and automatically escalate the more complex questions for human review and response, thus allowing the HR staff to handle the more complex issues.
  • Banks & Financials Instititions
  • Retail Businesses

Banks & Financials Institutions

The WayMore Bot is an ideal solution to:

  • Provide impeccable customer support
  • Generate high-quality leads
  • Capture and prevent fraud
  • Render seamless omnichannel communication
  • Customer onboarding

Customer support

Built-in with ML and NLP capabilities, the WayMore Bot can simultaneously handle customer verification queries from different customers and any communication channel.

For example, you can integrate the WayMore Bot with WhatsApp as a customer touchpoint and enable customers to complete routine banking transactions following their successful automated and secure verification, with no need to take time from a live agent.

When a customer initiates a conversation via your bank’s WhatsApp, the chatbot proceeds with an automated MFA process to authenticate the customer's data. As soon as the customer is verified, the chatbot continues with rule-based personalized questions. In case of any connectivity issues, the chatbot seamlessly failsover the conversation to the communication channel already indicated by the customer in her account settings (e.g., SMS, Viber, etc.)

Retail Businesses

The WayMore Bot is an ideal solution to:

  • Increase revenue by upselling and cross-selling products
  • Generate high-quality leads (in-store, online)
  • Optimize customer experience and boost customer loyalty
  • Provide impeccable omnichannel customer support

Upsell and cross-sell products

Built-in with ML and NLP capabilities, the WayMore Bot can simultaneously make multiple personalized suggestions for upselling and cross-selling products to customers who have already purchased from your online store.

For example, each time customers purchase products above a predefined amount, you can trigger an automation that includes a promotional message (e.g., a discount coupon for their next purchases from your store, or a product recommendation) that will be delivered to them after a specific period (e.g., 3 hours after their purchase) via Viber. In case recipients do not receive the message within a preset time frame, a fallback option is automatically enabled to send this message via SMS.

Regardless of the communication channels you deploy your WayMore Bot Platform on, you will have access to a unified chat board that gives you the opportunity to switch from chatbot to human live chat with one of your representatives, bringing together all of your chatbot conversations from any communication channel.

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