WayMore Multi Factor Authentication
for Banking Institutions

Ironbound intelligent security protection for banking transactions, user and customer connections against online banking fraud

Introducing your banking institution to a world of security benefits.

Next-generation authentication and verification services, driven by the market needs, inspired by technology, powered by WayMore.

  • Global security
  • Fraud prevention
  • Multichannel verification
  • Intelligent routing
  • Risk assessment
  • Automatic fallback

Global security


Secured transactions and user identities with top-grade business insights on a worldwide framework.

Fraud prevention


Application of rate limiting to prevent malicious attacks

Multichannel verification


Automatic verification through SMS, Voice, Viber, FlashCall, and Email

Intelligent routing


Routing optimization using the right channel for different destinations

Risk assessment


In-depth real-time insights on fraud detection and automatic stopping of high-risk transactions

Automatic fallback


Ensurance of successful verifications with automatic fallback between different channels

ATM Real-time ID Authentication

Implement an extra layer of security to the ID verification process of an ATM customer with minimum investment. With WayMore MFA, you can efficiently authenticate an ATM user on the spot and approve or reject transactions in real-time. When customers select to withdraw money from an ATM above a pre-approved amount, the WayMore MFA automatically verifies the specific users' identity before the completion of the monetary transaction and directly approves or rejects this transaction. As the WayMore MFA runs entirely on the cloud, it saves a banking institution from the heavily expensive investment in ATM verification equipment (e.g., camera installation). In this case, WayMore MFA employs a combination of biometric features that the bank selects (e.g., a mixture of face recognition, fingerprint, voice, or any other tool of the WayMore communication channels) to run the customer's data through the bank's customer database in real-time. If the user fails to authenticate via the WayMore MFA process, then the transaction is not approved, and the ATM user cannot proceed with withdrawing the money.

ATM Real-time ID Authentication

Customer Identity & Access

Put in action MFA as part of customer identity, access, and re-verification management approach to provide a consistent and strong authentication experience regardless of the channel customers use to interact with your business. You can set policies to require second authentication factors and even integrate MFA functionality directly into your own customer-facing mobile app.

Transaction Approval

Use MFA to provide customers extra layers of security to complete payment or money transfer transactions. Apply a combination of a one-time-password via SMS and a bank-app biometrics sign-on to provide a comfortable sense of security for customers in high-risk situations, such as a high-value transaction or large-volume transfers.

Regulatory Requirements Compliance

Set a powerful multi-factor authentication process to enable your banking institution to conform to regulatory requirements (e.g., Open Banking in the UK, Europe, and Australia, which provides third-party access to consumer data securely, and New York’s 23 NYCRR 500, which addresses the increased risk of cybersecurity threats in the financial services industry).

Inbound System Hacking Protection

Safeguard your banking institution from inbound system hacking attempts against your bank and your customers' systems. Apply a multi-factor authentication method using a combination of push notification and handling of access based on user location.

Do more with WayMore Automation for Banking & Financial Institutions

The powerful omnichannel automation platform that enables the strategic digital transformation of banking and financial institutions.

  • Strengthens Data Security
  • Ensures Compliance Standards
  • Enhances Customer Experience

Strengthens Data Security

WayMore’s MFA provides a trustworthy security API for businesses who need to verify/secure their users and their transactions that uses failover intelligence between 6 different communication channels (SMS, Viber, Email, Voice, FlashCall, Push), providing a fraud possibility score for each verification request.

Ensures Compliance Standards

WayMore’s MFA provides a sustainable service model for online security that preserves compliance with statutory regulations, global and local per country, that organizations need to implement MFA for certain situations (e.g., for the protection of sensitive data like personally identifiable information (PII)).

Enhances Customer Experience

WayMore’s MFA added security enables organizations to use more advanced login options like single sign-on (SSO), simplifying login procedures. Single sign-on validates the user through MFA during the login process. Once users are authenticated, they have access to the covered apps of the single sign-on software without the need to log in for each app separately.

Do more with WayMore Multi Factor Authentication for Banking Institutions. Ready-to-use and custom-built solutions to meet and exceed your organization’s needs.

Based on Routee, a true omni-channeled communications solution

WayMore is an intelligent omnichannel communications platform powered by Routee that enables a business to gather insightful customer data for developing business growth tactics, to deliver personalized marketing messages. WayMore carries a powerful functionality such as:

Forms and landing pages

Two-factor authentication

Trackers and short URLs

Virtual numbers

Automated workflows

It also lets you maintain seamless communication with your customers through the following channels:


Communicate your message and company mission all over the world using the advanced SMS services Routee provides. Craft interactive and engaging campaigns easily and efficiently through an advanced marketing platform.


Email messages inform your clients discreetly and efficiently about things you want them to know. Discover which Email service suits you, customize it and make it happen with Routee.


Break through to a global audience with Viber business messaging.Viber makes it easy for people to search and find the brands that they want to interact with.

Push notifications

Using Push Notification to engage with your customers is a powerful marketing tool to boost your ROI. Easily and instantly view comprehensive reports that provide insight on the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Messaging apps

Messaging Apps to engage with your customers is a powerful marketing tool to boost your customer loyalty. Easily and instantly connect with your customers on their preferred messaging app.

Voice messaging

Speak your message, loud & clear with Voice services, designed to complement your communication and support transactions across your business. Captivate their interest with voice messages in 16 languages.

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