WayMore Omnichannel Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Solution

Ironbound intelligent security protection for all businesses, users, and customer transactions

Robust solutions tailored to your needs

Secure authentication and verification of processes, users, and transactions

Μanage Risks & Enhance Security

Eliminate subjective interpretation, capitalizing on the technological innovation of multi-factor authentication to boost the effectiveness of anti-money laundering checks and fraud detection practices.

PIN code generation

Intuitive authentication

Bulletproof security

Multilingual functionality

Ensure compliance standards

Optimized customer experience

Attract high-end customers

Cost-effective solutions

In-depth insights

Simple integration

Do more with WayMore Omnichannel Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for businesses

The powerful multi-factor authentication solution that provides businesses and customers with extra layers of security to complete data-sensitive verification processes.

Strengthens Data Security

WayMore’s MFA provides a trustworthy security API for businesses who need to verify and secure their users and their transactions. It uses failover intelligence between different communication channels, providing a fraud possibility score for each verification request.

Ensures Compliance Standards

WayMore’s MFA provides a sustainable service model for online security that preserves compliance with statutory regulations -global and local per country- that organizations need to implement MFA for certain situations (e.g., for the protection of sensitive data like personally identifiable information (PII)).

Enhances Customer Experience

WayMore’s MFA added security enables organizations to use more advanced login options like single sign-on (SSO), simplifying login procedures. Single sign-on validates the user through MFA during the login process. Once users are authenticated, they have access to the covered apps of the single sign-on software without the need to log in for each app separately.

Introducing your business to a refined world of security.

Next-generation authentication and verification services, driven by the market needs, inspired by technology, powered by WayMore.

Global security

Secured transactions, processes, and user identities with top-grade business insights on a worldwide verification framework

Fraud prevention

Application of rate limiting -control the amount of incoming and outgoing traffic to or from a network- to prevent malicious attacks

Multichannel verification

Instant and efficient verification through SMS, Voice, Missed Call, Push notifications, Messaging Apps, Video, and biometrics

Intelligent routing

Routing optimization using the right channel for different destinations to efficiently complete verifications in real-time

Risk assessment

Real-time insights on fraud detection and automatic stopping of high-risk transactions to prevent fraud and data breaches

Automatic fallback

Ensurance of successful verifications with automatic fallback between different channels, deploying the optimal authentication type

World-class omnichannel multi-factor authentication with WayMore’s MFA service

Put in action a combination of different components and channels and verify your users and processes in a few seconds.

  • MFA Telegram
  • MFA Viber
  • MFA WhatsApp
  • MFA Facebook Messenger
  • MFA Missed Call
  • MFA Voice
  • MFA Push Notification
  • MFA Fingerprint
  • MFA Face Recognition
  • MFA Live Video


Ensure that the right people have the right access to your system, platform, and application, by enabling access through an automatically generated one-time password code that will be sent to users via SMS. Efficiently secure your services from misuse and eliminate unauthorized account access.

MFA Telegram

Leverage Telegram's popularity among millennial and Gen Z users, and use this messaging channel to authenticate users and customers who prefer it as a communication channel. Create a safe space for delivering PIN messages to users via Telegram using the secret chat option with end-to-end encryption.

MFA Viber

Add multiple layers of security to your users and data verification process, leveraging Viber's incredible reach to instantly and accurately send authentication PINs to your users. Prompt users who log in to their accounts on a new device to receive a safety code via Viber to safely complete the login process.

MFA WhatsApp

Leverage WhatsApp’s high end-to-end encryption to instantly and accurately send authentication PINs to your users. Messages sent over WhatsApp are encrypted at every step of the process, from the customer's device and the WhatsApp Business Service Provider to the company itself, preventing unauthorized access.

MFA WhatsApp

Leverage the channel's business-to-consumer proximity to engage and interact with your customers during the authentication process by including Facebook Messenger in your MFA channel mix. Prompt users who log in to their accounts on a new device to receive a safety code via Facebook Messenger to safely complete the login process.

MFA Missed Call

Execute missed calls from a randomly generated number to authenticate accounts fast and securely. Use the last four digits of the missed call number as a cost-effective two-factor or multi-factor authentication solution that is easy to set up and customize. Eliminate the risk of a password database breach and of spam more effectively than a plain captcha.

MFA Voice

Leverage voice biometrics to deliver robust and reliable security for your customers. Regardless of the network provider, messages safely reach their destination. Eliminate the chances of cybercrime breaches. Send voice-based security codes to authenticate sensitive, high-risk transactions and account verifications.

MFA Push Notification

Leverage smartphone notifications to assert authentication and instill confidence in your customers. Allow users to securely access your application, or to confirm, reject critical and highly-sensitive transactions with a tap on the push notification they will receive on their phone within seconds.

MFA Fingerprint

Reduce friction in the user experience with fingerprint biometrics. Accurately level up safety in higher-risk scenarios with minimal effort. Provide your customers with the most convenient and secure authentication method available, their fingerprint. Guarantee that the right user is present at the point of authentication.

MFA Face Recognition

Leverage face recognition biometrics for high-risk transactions, ask your customers to activate your mobile app from their handset, process face recognition, and permit the transaction upon successful authentication. Users can gain access, allow, or reject transactions via a solid friction-free verification method.

MFA Live Video

Safeguard high-end customers and your business with live video conference for amounts exceeding a specific threshold. Automatically adapt the authentication method depending on the monetary transaction amount, and permit the transaction upon successful authentication. Eliminate the chances of cybercrime breaches and fraud.

Do more with WayMore Omnichannel Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for businesses

WayMore MFA service applies to all businesses and operations regardless of industry or size, successfully adding extra layers of security to complete data-sensitive verification processes


Securely authorize monetary transactions when users make online in-app or third-party bank transfers.


Allow users to securely access your SaaS platform using passwordless authentication. Users can log in to your platform using their email address and taping on the push notification PIN sent to their smartphones.


Physicians who work at multiple medical facilities can access them using MFA with Facial Recognition. This way they do not have to remember multiple passwords and they also save time by swiftly moving from one medical facility to the other.


Securely send bookings and travel information to passengers whether they are using a mobile app, a PC, or a laptop.


Receive validated orders from prospect customers for which you have confirmed their identity with MFA SMS by sending a PIN. Also, secure online payments with SMS MFA authentication when customers do online shopping.


Safeguard citizen and governmental sensitive information with Push Notification MFA authentication when accessing online citizen records.

Do more with WayMore Multi Factor Authentication for businesses. Ready-to-use and custom-built solutions to meet and exceed your company’s needs.

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AMD Telecom is a global market leader in the telecommunication industry, offering a plethora of innovative services, ranging from open connectivity solutions, SMS Monetization, clearance and settlement, to roaming services. AMD Telecom's customers are located worldwide and comprise some of the most renowned Fortune 500 companies, MNOs, Social Networking Platforms, Global Email Providers, and Global Resellers.
Routee is a cutting-edge user-friendly CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) that provides Web & Cloud API services designed to automate marketing procedures, improve conversions, and decrease digital marketing costs. Routee adopts ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial intelligence) disciplines and integrates with all major eCommerce, websites, or CRM suites.
WayMore is a powerful marketing and business operations automation platform that empowers a company to become more productive and thrive. WayMore's visual step-by-step guides enable a company to effectively automate most of its online business and marketing processes, send customized notifications to niche target audiences, monitor marketing campaigns, and much more.

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As AMD Telecom powers Routee’s communication, grants its broad reach list, covering more than 1.200 Mobile Operators (including 152 zero hop direct connections) through a single connection point.

Usage Tracking

Use our endpoints for usage tracking and latency reports. You can filter your queries based on several criteria such as per service, country, mobile operator, campaign, etc.

Multiple Application Creation

Within Routee Dev Platform you can create as many apps as you wish, while combining several Routee services. One administration panel for all your apps.

Message Preview & Cost Estimation Endpoint

In order to avoid mistakes, we provide you with an endpoint from which you can be informed of the cost estimation before the single or bulk send out, as well as to make a last check on the message body itself.

Database Synchronisation & Upload

Perform advanced database management and synchronisation through our offered endpoint. No more strict layouts and forms, just agile, plain and intuitive.

Multi Featured Bulk Messaging Endpoint With Callback

Use the Bulk messaging endpoint for mass send-outs while enjoying several features like quiet hours respect, personal content & fallback values for every parameter you set. Progress of every send-out can be tracked through a single given point (callback).

Unsent Message Management

In case you might try to send a bunch of SMS through our bulk SMS endpoint and during the send-out, your balance runs low, you don’t have to worry. The “unsent” messages will be retrieved and sent as a separate send-out.

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