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WayMore is a leading, innovative, and powerful marketing and business operations automation software that optimizes a company's performance and enables it to thrive.

Through its visual step-by-step guides, WayMore enables your company to effectively automate most of its online business and marketing processes, such as automatically segment your customer database based on customer preferences, online browsing behavior, or any other measurable parameter.

With the WayMore automation platform, your eCommerce business can create a variety of automated messages, such as welcome messages, reminders, and miscellaneous notifications. You can also send automated customized messages for products or services to niche target audiences. Besides, you can monitor and collect data from all your marketing campaigns in real-time to optimize your business performance.

​​​​​​​ Based on Routee, a true omni-channeled communications solution, Businesses Can Do So Much More With WayMore.

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Bridging Digital Transformation and Omnichannel Engagement

The energy sector is undergoing significant changes as it goes digital, giving rise to new processes and business models. Traditionally cautious and heavily regulated, the sector is faced with a radical shift in the age of automation. Automation can be the ultimate game-changer strategy for energy companies. While most energy institutions have started to embrace the technological revolution by utilizing AI and machine learning automation systems, there are still challenges that need to be overcome.

Increased competition by energy retailers

There is an unprecedented activity in the utilities market, with more electricity and gas retailers than ever before. Strong branding and an efficient operating model are critical in order to gain a share of this market.

The rise of new digital services

Digital technologies will enable the creation of completely new services, such as sets of services built around home or property energy management. Across all markets, the digital transformation of service delivery using cloud, automation and artificial intelligence will enable a shift of more customers to digitally enabled self-service for checking bills, monitoring usage and so on.

​​​​​​​through value

In order to respond to market challenges, energy companies should understand and develop clear and robust value propositions and make decisions about which customers to target.

Create winning customer experiences

In today’s fast paced marketplace, it is more important than ever to stand out. Customer experience is now recognized as the key differentiator over product and price, therefore it is essential for a company to have an effective customer experience strategy.

Efficient lean

Efficient, lean operations are essential. Taking advantage of the technology available in the contact centre space, many companies outsource their contact centre operations as a managed service to specialist providers who can evolve more streamlined, efficient delivery.

Evolving customer expectations

Customer demand is shifting to greater personalization and easier access to services. Technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence, is the key to rendering customized services and enhancing client retention.

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Leverage the power of SMS

SMS Transactional and SMS Bulk

The average open rate for SMS is 98%, making it one of the most powerful ways to reach your contacts. Expand your business with text message marketing and build long-term customer loyalty by delivering important information or notifications at just the right moment. Reach your customers via SMS campaigns to deliver valuable services that will increase your engagement. Easily and effectively keep your customers up-to-date about your latest products and services with personalized messages, or send them transactional SMS updates regarding their billing information. Save time and money when you automate your text messages with expert services from Routee. We have the systems and infrastructure to handle any size of SMS messaging.

Validate your customers’ Numbers

When your customers register to your ebill service, they will be asked to enter their phone number in order to complete the process. Instantly check your numbers list to ensure that your business connects to the right customer every time. Automate your processes with Number Validation by Routee.

Number Lookup

Get detailed information, such as the original network a mobile number was assigned, if the number has been ported to a different network, which network it has moved to, if the mobile has been turned on recently and the country where the mobile was last used. Check the status of the mobile numbers in your database, identify unused and inactive contact numbers and find ways to optimize different processes and reduce costs using Routee’s Database Cleaning package.

Transactional Security Messages

Add a second layer of security to your business by utilizing a combination of two different components. Customers that wish to perform an online transaction using an e-banking platform via the web or mobile app (i.e. pay a bill, change their mailing address), must go through a 2-step verification process for safety reasons. Routee's two-factor authentication process (2FA) enables you to automatically send a PIN to the customers' mobile phones to verify their identity and successfully complete their desired transaction.

Gain More with Email

One of the most widespread and effective communication & advertising channels, with the highest ROI amongst other digital marketing techniques. Use Email messaging through our API, web interface or SMTP to send personalized newsletters, design beautiful email campaigns, and get in touch with your contacts and customers, using their personal & behavioral data. Establish a successful brand in the industry and keep expanding your prospect list.

Email Verification

Over 10% of your emails are bad, and less than 44% of the emails you sent make it to your recipient’s inbox. More than 20% of email registrations contain typos, syntax, domain, and other errors. Email verification is the most effective way to ensure the collection of quality data, verifying the accuracy of email addresses, filtering out those that are unsafe to deliver. From saving time and money to better sender reputation and from reduction bounces to better customer engagement, you can reap the benefits of email verification with Routee’s prominent email verification tool.

Interact with your customers
​​​​​​​securely through Viber

Viber & SMS fallback

Provide your customers innovative ways to communicate. Engage with them in real-time by starting direct conversations through rich messaging, elevating your brand’s communication. Viber messaging is offered through API or our intuitive Web Platform and can be used by almost every industry in the world, to send: marketing (promotional), transactional, informational, security (time critical) messages. Each time a customer’s payment due date approaches, you can trigger an automation that includes a promotional message (i.e., a discount on their next bill) that will be delivered to them via Viber. In case recipients do not receive the message within a preset time frame, a fallback option is automatically enabled to send this message via SMS.

Viber OTP & Viber Voice

You can also add an extra layer of security in order to keep your company and your customer’s data protected, through One-Time Passwords (OTP), which they will receive via Viber on their mobile phones. OTPs are an easy and reliable form of 2FA, used in order to add a second layer of authentication. If customers do not have the Viber app installed, or if they have a poor internet connection, or they have not opted in to receive Viber messages from you, then the OTP is automatically sent to the customer's mobile phone through SMS. While you can interact with your customers through Viber Voice and send automated personalized voice messages to inform them about their usage information and help with basic customer assistance issues.

Real time action with chatbots

Chatbot & Unified Chat Board

A large number of customers seek real-time assistance to their problems or concerns. This is where chatbots come in. They can, and should be used to, create more intelligent customer experiences. By making AI-assisted chat an integral part of your overall strategy, you will be able to improve operational efficiency and provide better customer support.

Customer Support via Chatbot AI

WayMore’s Chatbot AI provides the ultimate customer experience, remembering conversations with users based on their recorded traits and preferences. As it self-improves over time, based on what users are asking for and how they are asking it, it can efficiently and simultaneously handle most queries from different customers. An energy provider can integrate a chatbot AI into customer touchpoints (i.e., Viber, Facebook, native app), so when customers request information via direct message about their bills or any other support query, the chatbot will efficiently handle this with no need to take time from a live agent. Whether you are deploying your AI Chatbot on Facebook or any other channel, you will have access to a unified chat board that gives you the opportunity to switch from chatbot to human live chat with one of your representatives, bringing together all of your chatbot conversations from any communication channel. Let your chatbot do the standard work of answering routine questions and free up time from your human resources. Elevate your customer experience, increase customer engagement, embrace scalability, and empower your brand, employing the smartest software application for online conversations.

WayMore Automation

Embrace the future of Marketing Automation Intelligence with WayMore’s Marketing Automation Platform which combines marketing automation with AI. Turn all audience data into strategic and tactical insights to drive more value and design winning marketing campaigns. Boost your business growth by offering optimized customer experience and by efficiently converting new leads. Easily adapt to changing leads' volume and expand your revenue targets. Increase your customer loyalty and retention by implementing efficient personalized marketing tactics. Do more with WayMore Marketing Automation Platform. The ultimate destination for optimizing all your marketing campaigns.

Based on Routee,
​​​​​​​a true omni-channeled communications solution

WayMore is an intelligent omnichannel communications platform powered by Routee that enables a business to gather insightful customer data for developing business growth tactics, to deliver personalized marketing messages. WayMore carries a powerful functionality such as:

Forms and
​​​​​​​landing pages


Trackers and
​​​​​​​short URLs




It also lets you maintain seamless communication with your customers through the following channels:


Communicate your message and company mission all over the world using the advanced SMS services Routee provides. Craft interactive and engaging campaigns easily and efficiently through an advanced marketing platform.


Email messages inform your clients discreetly and efficiently about things you want them to know. Discover which Email service suits you, customize it and make it happen with Routee.


Break through to a global audience with Viber business messaging.Viber makes it easy for people to search and find the brands that they want to interact with.

Push notifications

Using Push Notification to engage with your customers is a powerful marketing tool to boost your ROI. Easily and instantly view comprehensive reports that provide insight on the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Messaging apps

Messaging Apps to engage with your customers is a powerful marketing tool to boost your customer loyalty. Easily and instantly connect with your customers on their preferred messaging app.

Voice messaging

Speak your message, loud & clear with Voice services, designed to complement your communication and support transactions across your business. Captivate their interest with voice messages in 16 languages.

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